About Us

I am married and a mother of two growing boys, with their busy schedules and my classes as a yoga instructor ease of preparation (and sometimes advanced preparation) for weeknight meals is key. Sometimes just finding something they all like to eat is a challenge.

I love to cook everything from healthy meals to decadent deserts.  I’m excited about the farm share because is will increase my use of local products as well as challenge me to create meals with vegetables that I don’t ordinarily use.

I’ve always been interested in using seasonal, local foods and in supporting local businesses in general. Making good use of a weekly farmshare seemed like the next natural step.

I’ve been married for 25 years and am the mother of two mostly grown sons. The older one is finishing up grad school in Texas and the younger one is working in Arizona. That leaves my husband and I as mostly-empty-nesters these days. That also leaves just two of us to eat all these vegetables!

Since I work full time as a wine wholesaler, my time during the week is often short. Weekday dinners tend to be quickly prepared, while on the weekends dinners can be more elaborate and are often shared with friends.