Week 4 - Kale Chips - Who Knew??

[Posted by Ruth]

This week's haul is big both in amount and variety.  In the regular full share we got:
1 bag  mixed lettuce
1 bag Asian mix
1 head lettuce
1 bunch kale
1 bunch chard
2 bunches collard greens
2 kohlrabi
1 cabbage
1 bag garlic scapes
2 small garlics
2 big zucchini
2 small summer squash
1 dozen eggs
and my bread share

As extras I also bought a chicken, a fresh goat cheese, a goat feta, an aged goat cheese and a jar of honey.

When I got it all home it felt too hot to do much more than get it all prepped and put away but my husband, who has become the self-appointed raw food stylist, insisted on setting it all out and getting a good picture.  He looked a little uneasy as he was setting it up and mentioned that there were an awful lot of blue/green leaves this week.  When I told him that Stacia from Stone Gardens Farm had a recipe for Kale Chips that sounded interesting he looked like he was trying to figure out how much gas was in his car and how far it would take him.  Still, Denise said she makes them and they're good and whenever Denise tells me something is good she's right.  So, Kale Chips it was.

Unless you've tried them, I don't know if you'd believe how good they really are.  I know we were surprised.  They were light and very crisp and just salty/cheesy enough to make the whole batch disappear, especially when paired with a cold beer on a hot night.  I baked them in two batches and we ate all of them except for for the ones we gave the dog when we found out that she was crazy about them too.

Kale Chips
It was super quick.  Just preheat oven to 375.  Line baking sheets w/ parchment.  Cut the Kale up and remove the large stems.  Toss with a bit of olive oil, put on pan and sprinkle with salt and Parmesan cheese.  They took about 12 minutes in my oven and I switched the baking sheets around about 1/2 way through.  Note:  It's very important to coat the kale with the olive oil completely.  Any part of the kale that isn't oiled will not get crisp.

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