week 11 - the newbie

[guest blogger :: taber]

hello a tale of two farm share followers! this is taber, from cafe taber, guest blogging on behalf of denise this week. she so graciously gave me her farm share this week and asked me to blog about my experiences with all of these crazy vegetables! well, only some of them are crazy. dandelion greens?!?!?

i'm new at this whole farm share thing. i've heard of the concept, but i've never taken part in one before. so this is exciting for me as well as a little nerve wracking since i haven't really cooked in while. i'm up for the challenge though!

saturday morning, after i unpacked all of the vegetables from the pick-up, i was amazed at both the quantity of the vegetables and the quality! knowing that i will be cooking and eating some of the freshest produce over the next few days got me super excited because being a vegetarian i LOVE my veggies!

i have a few recipes in mind for the summer squash and the tomatoes. i'm not quite sure what to do with the beets or the dandelion greens. ruth suggested i use the kale to make kale chips! yummy! and my friend monica suggested i use some of the corn for some chowda! so i'll be sharing the results of my adventures with these vegetables with you right here over the next week. so please check back! and if you have any suggestions on how i should cook a certain vegetable, please post your thoughts in the comment area below.

until then...i must get cookin'!


  1. Welcome to our obsession, Taber. It's going to be a fun week!

  2. thanks ruth! i have to say, the corn is delicious!!! my boyfriend and i ate two ears each for dinner last night!