Week 9 - A colorful mix

[Posted by Ruth]
I was really struck with how beautiful the boxes looked for week 9.  We've definitely moved into the part of the season where there is a lot more variety.

This week's haul includes:
12 ears of corn
1 huge head of cabbage
2 bunches of kale
5 tomatoes
6 potatoes
3 big zucchini
4 lovely little dark eggplant
2 larger eggplant
2 bunches baby carrots
4 summer squash
1 purple pepper
1 head garlic

We're taking some of the vegetables to friends we're visiting this coming weekend, but I had to get my hands on some of the corn and those potatoes.  In this Wednesday New York Times The Minamalist,  Mark Bittman suggested simply shucking corn,  throwing it on the grill until slightly charred and spreading it with a chile lime mayonnaise spread.  I didn't have limes but I did have this fantastic lemon mayonnaise I bought on Martha's Vineyard last week  It was Lemonaise from the Ojai Cook; really super.  So, I just stirred the chile powder and a bit of salt into that that and spread it on.  Just a quick saute the fresh potatoes with some onions and a beer brat on the grill with the corn and dinner is served.

Grilled Corn w/ Citrus  Chile Mayonnaise adapted from Mark Bittman
for 2 servings
2 ears corn
3 T Mayonnaise (or Lemonaise if you can find it)
1 tsp of lemon or lime juice (if not using Lemonaise)
1/2 tsp medium hot chile powder (more or less to taste)
pinch salt.

Grill corn over hot coals, turning as it begins to char, about 3 minutes per side, until all sides have some charred kernels.  Remove from coals and serve w/ the mayonnaise mixture as a spread.


  1. wow im totally jealous of your harvest!! we have a garden too but definitely does not yield all those beautiful veggies. i want to grow corn now!!! haha. great job on the garden.. keep it up!

  2. Thanks Krissy! I wish this was my garden! This is the weekly haul from my farm share. I just have some tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs in my tiny garden.