Week 1 First Pickup

(Posted by Denise)
Finally our pick up day arrived! Of course it is on one of the busiest Saturday mornings of spring and we were in a huge rush so I couldn't post until today. (I'm not sure any cooking is going to get done this weekend either!) Anyway, we got to the farmer's market nice and early. I am so glad that I found out that you don't get to take the box with you. I was luckily armed with some huge grocery bags to get everything to the car.

Here is the Stone Garden booth at the market. We met Stacia and she was great. She even had a surprise for us. Strawberrries!

Jones Family Farms is open for pick your own strawberries and as a treat put some in our CSA to entice us to come down and pick. They have me hooked. The kids ate most of them within two minutes of getting them in the door and washed. They were sweet and juicy and tasted like summer! So, this week on top of the mountain of lettuce that was in our share, there will be strawberries.

Here is our farmshare. All of the vegetables are beautiful and I can say that I'm a little intimidated by the amount of lettuce. The family looks a little nervous too!

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  1. Everything looks so good! I'll have to stop by at some point to help you eat all of this lettuce!